C.S. will send information on the first access procedure on the platform to the email address indicated on the first page of the contract. It will be the customer’s responsibility to set the personal password which can be changed at any time and in complete autonomy by the CUSTOMER. The User and password constitute the only unique identification element of the CUSTOMER, the person in possession of the password is considered by C.S. to all intents and purposes entitled to request and receive services. In the event of loss, distraction, theft or illegitimate acquisition of the access password by a third party, the CUSTOMER must give written notice by sending a registered letter with return receipt to C.S.
C.S. cannot be held responsible in case of total or partial lack of access by the CUSTOMER to the On-line services if this is due to incompatibility, obsolescence, defects and / or limits of the CUSTOMER’s combined hardware / software. Verification of the suitability of the technical requirements for the use of the services rendered is the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER.
The liability of C.S. is excluded and / or its suppliers, if access to online services is not possible due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. Except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, the liability of its suppliers for consequential damages, of any measure, suffered by the CUSTOMER or third parties is excluded.

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