MyCreditService is first of all a paradigm shift in credit management, an approach that guides all companies to use new financial markets.

For companies

+ Access to credit

The use of the MyCreditService platform also allows small businesses to directly access the market of institutional investors, who purchase trade receivables and provide short-term finance in an alternative way.

This generates the opportunity to open a second channel, complementary to the banking one, which increases the overall availability of finance to service the working capital, reduces the use of credit lines and decreases the demand for guarantees given to the system

– Costs

The savings that can be achieved through the MyCreditService platform are of two levels: on the one hand, thanks to the operational efficiencies in the credit collection process, it is possible to save on time (-30% average time per file) and on the costs related to bank financial charges.

On the other hand, the rating model based on continuously updated performance data, allows the MyCreditService algorithm to continuously adjust the risk profile to the real situation of the company and to propose itself to the market with an invoice rating that is always in line with the real company performance

+ Control

Fintech also means an entirely digital management of financial processes, with the ability to monitor in real time the timing of collection and the impact of trade receivables on corporate cash flow.

Thanks to the standardization of credit policies and the complete automation of the reminder activity, MyCreditService allows a reduction in payment delays of more than 20% on an annual basis.

For investors

+ Evaluation

Thanks to the integration with company accounting, MyCreditService has a high quantity and quality of information, which is processed by the proprietary algorithm, which returns an “adjusted” rating on current company performance.

All the models, methodologies and experience of a European Credit Agency such as Modefinance, which intervenes as an active and independent part in the process of evaluating the credit portfolios to be brought to the market, then flank the automatic valuation.

– Risk

With its operating model, MyCreditService offers the market a placement of multi-client and multi-bank credit stock, with high portfolio granularity and consequent implicit risk splitting.

Added to this is the possibility of activating collateral credit enhancement structures to the portfolio, to be applied to the more junior components of the stocks and aimed at reducing market and counterparty risks.

Finally, investors are “guaranteed” in their investments by support activities for the internal collection that ensure management of the unpaid up to the judicial level.

+ Liquidity

Loans placed on the market through MyCreditService have three characteristics: they are short maturity, mainly due to their commercial credit characteristic; they are potentially revolving, as they are linked to the recursive activity of working capital; they are uncorrelated with respect to the performance of the equity and bond indices.

All this translates into the possibility for investors to allocate on short-term assets, and therefore with high liquidity, with, however, the possibility of stabilizing the return on an annual basis through a revolving strategy.

And with the added possibility of diversifying risk with respect to stock market trends.

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