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MyCreditService was created with the aim of innovating the finance market, bringing innovation, transparency and trust in relationships with businesses.

MyCreditService is an innovative start-up born from the encounter between risk management, technology and corporate finance skills. We aim to extend the fintech revolution to all aspects of corporate life, with a vision of Finance 4.0.

The goal is to help adapt the financial offer to the transformations underway in the business world. The team, heterogeneous in its skills but cohesive in its objectives, is the expression of a shareholder structure which includes leading companies in the sectors to which it belongs: the rating agency, Modefinance and the digital transformation factory IT Interlogica industries.


Enzo Sisti CEO

Senior manager EY, Enzo has been a strategy and corporate finance consultant for companies, high-tech start-ups and seed funds and Venture Capitalists. He deals with the strategic development of the company.

Stefano Mazzocca COO

Treasury and corporate finance consultant, Stefano was Treasury Credit Risk Analyst of Datamart, a company specializing in credit management. He is the manager of all company operations.

Fabio Panizzutti CTO

Co-founder of Interlogica Industries, a leading company in digital transformation, Fabio leads the technology development team.

Carlo Marini CIO

He was Head of Corporate and Investment Banking for Bank Austria then Deputy General Manager of Unicredit Leasing and PPI Executive Vice President at Unicredit. Investor, since 2015 he is a partner of EpicSim

Fabrizio Pescatori CSO

North East commercial manager of Unicredit factoring, Fabrizio has extensive experience in the corporate finance sector, with a constant presence on the national market. He is the commercial manager of the company

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