What is that

MyCreditService is not simply a trading platform: it is a global solution for the management of trade credit.

Risk analysis on the customer portfolio, assessment of credit quality, sale of entire portfolios on the marketplace and automation of the collection are just some of the processes that companies can manage through the MyCreditService platform.

Invoice Management

risk analysis

Risk Analysis

The first step for an integrated management of trade credit is an in-depth analysis of the existing and future risk, based on your customer base.

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credit valuation

Credit valuation

The main objective of MyCreditService is to improve the quality of commercial credit and the collection times of our customers.

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invoice trading

Invoice trading

The phase of trading credits on the marketplace therefore takes place only downstream of a process in which the value of the credit that needs to be placed is defined in a clear and transparent manner.

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credit collection

Credit collection

The trade credit cycle closes only with the collection on the part of the customer and the eventual repayment of the advance.

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Advantages for Companies

+ Access to credit

The use of the MyCreditService platform also allows small businesses to directly access the market of institutional investors.

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– Costs

The operational efficiencies in the credit collection process make possible to save time (-30% average time for each file) and costs related to bank financial charges.

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+ Control

Fintech also means an entirely digital management of financial processes, with the possibility of monitoring in real time the timing of collection and the impact of trade receivables on company cash flow.

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Advantages for Investors

+ Evaluation

MyCreditService has a high quantity and quality of information, which is processed by the proprietary algorithm, which returns an “adjusted” rating on current company performance.

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– Risk

With its operating model, MyCreditService offers the market a placement of stock of multi-client and multi-bank credit, with high portfolio granularity (..)

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+ Liquidity

Loans placed on the market through MyCreditService have three characteristics: they are short maturity, they are potentially revolving and they are decorrelated with respect to the performance of stock and bond indices.

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